Sunday, August 29, 2010

Potty Training

We've been trying to potty train McKaydee - it's been fairly successful, although we still have at least one accident a day :( Maybe the day will come with ZERO!!!) It has been kind of fun coming up with little rewards for her though - here are a few:

Swinging on the old tire swing in our back yard - she LOVES it! It reminds me of my Grandpa and Grandma Whiting - they used to have a swing like this in their yard that we loved too!

Eating a powder sucker (compliments of the bank :) - I can't find them anywhere else!

Baking brownies with mom - She was such a big helper and I thought she looked so cute in her little apron that my mom made for her :)

Guilty?! She liked to eat the powder before it was all mixed - you can see it all over her apron :)

Pouring the mix into the mixer:

McKaydee and I in our matching aprons:

And the best reward of all - riding the horses with daddy!

She got to go on one of the hour rides up at Duck Creek with Jason - she about fell asleep and Jason ended up wearing her hat along with his own - she absolutely loved every minute of it!!!


Forrest and Holly said...

Oh my heck I can't believe how big she is getting! She's growing up so fast - what a sweetheart! Good going on the potty training :)

Dan and Sara said...

I can't get over how cute - and so grown up she is! Potty training seems like a daunting task - I'm impressed she's pretty much got the hang of it though, especially at only 2 years old! I love the rewards, and those pics of her on the horse with Jason are priceless!!!

Matt and Krachel said...

oh so much fun. love the pic of the swing - good memories for me as well.

Dave & Ashley Fairey said...

Oh my goodness she looks just like you!! So stinking cute!! And I totally remember going to your grandparents house that had a swing in the back and we would eat the apples off the tree (am I remembering right?) Such a cute little family you have!