Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bath Time!

McKaydee finally got to take a bath! She couldn't hardly decide if she liked it or not. After she was in there for a minute, she calmed down a bit, and I think she'll actually like baths in the future. As you can see, she actually cried again when I took her out! She couldn't make up her mind!

Funny Girl!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

More McKaydee

Well, sorry about the confusion about our blog! Of course it would get picked for review as a spam blog... but that problem's fixed now! Here are some more pictures of McKaydee. We take all of our pictures of her... one of these days, we'll get a picture of the whole family on here ;) - she's much cuter than us though, and more fun to look at ;)! Anyway, enjoy!

You can kind of see it in this picture, but I think she's going to have red hair! Maybe not fiery red, but still red I think! We'll have to wait and see for sure, but it's pretty cute!

Me and Grandma Whiting ;) have had too much fun dressing her up, and taking pictures, trying to color coordinate, etc... she's just been like a little baby doll... (only she's a bit noisier - but way more fun ;)!

I can hardly believe how strong she is getting. She can hold her head up pretty well already, and she's got quite the kick! It's fun to see her grow!

I just have to laugh at her sometimes. I guess she takes after her mom in her sleeping habits... I have a tendency to sleep with my mouth wide open - especially in the car where everyone can see... kind of embarassing ;)!

I love baby fat, and I think this picture kind of shows her little rolls... She had an appointment last Wednesday, and she had already gained 7 oz - she weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz, and the doctor said he thought she would be in the nine pound range by her next appointment which is this Wednesday, so she's having no problem putting on the pounds and growing! It's a relief not to have to worry that she's not getting enough to eat!
They may change, but I think she'll have blue eyes like both her parents. It is so much fun to have her look me in the eye. It's quite the feeling knowing that she is mine!
She is so much fun when she is awake, but I could just watch her sleep for hours!

She's the sweetest little thing (then again, I'm a bit biased ;). She can pull some pretty funny faces, but also some pretty cute ones! I loved this one!