Friday, September 5, 2008

We Finally Got a House!!!

Well we finally got into a house! We haven't bought it yet, but we are leasing with the option to purchase. We should qualify for the money in about a year, and we're hoping to buy it then!
It's not a great excuse, but because we've been moving and trying to get settled, I haven't posted for a while (about five weeks actually! as you may have noticed!)
This is the house. It needs a little bit of touching up (the yellow will have to go ;), but it's got a big yard front and back and a lot more space inside than our little one bedroom apartment! It's actually pretty nice, and we're loving it.

And as always, I have to post pictures of McKaydee. She grows so fast, I just can't believe it!
I walked into the living room the other day to find her like this:

She can almost roll from her back to her stomach! In fact, today she was basically on her stomach, except her arm was still tucked under her chest - she couldn't quite get it out, but pretty soon she'll be rolling all over the place I'm sure!

She's getting so good at holding her head up:

She is such a happy little girl. Everyone that sees her just loves how easily she smiles! (Especially her parents ;)

And finally as some of you may know, McKaydee and I got to go up to Wallsburg with Holly and Forrest to go to Swiss Days and visit the family. Sara got some great pictures of McKaydee! (Yes she did take quite a few, and I couldn't just pick a couple...)