Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cows and Pumpkins

These are a bit late, but I've come to accept that that's the way things happen around here ;) Last week Jason was on the cattle drive for work. It's a ten day ride, and they push around eight hundred cows from Alton, UT (a small town just north of Glendale) down to their winter pasture on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. So one of the days I decided to take McKaydee out to visit her daddy and the cows. She is such an outdoors girl, so I knew she would love it! She hadn't been on a horse yet, and we decided it was about time she experienced it...

Jason was so proud!

Yes she did get all dirty - silly mom for putting her in white!

But she was getting pretty good at pushing cows - even when her dad wasn't looking ;)

The next day Jason's mom watched McKaydee so I could go ride for the day with Jason. It sure was fun, but I was very sore after. I really haven't ridden for more than about ten minutes since last October, so a seven or eight hour day in the saddle was more than enough for me for a while - I've got to break back in slowly... ;)

Jason right where he belongs - being a cowboy!

Then, the next day was Halloween. McKaydee was the cutest little pumpkin. She got to go trick-or-treating to Grandma Bauer's house, and she was so excited ;)

Anyway... Happy Halloween ;)!!!