Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Okay as embarassed as I am it really has been almost two whole years since I've posted! But here goes a quick update and overview of those two years. First,we did finally close on our house on February 2, 2010! (We signed the purchase contract in August of 2009, so it was a very long, drawn out process.) Then on March 10 we had our second beautiful baby girl, as most of you probably already know. We named her Sadie J and she is just as sweet as can be! She is now four months old and growing more every minute! Other than that life in Glendale is about the same as always. Jason is still doing trail rides and I am just at home and doing occasional part time work in town.

Now that that's done, in the middle of June the girls and I got to go visit Jason on one of his rides. We camped one night, and the next day McKaydee got to ride with Jason while Sadie and I drove behind them in the car. McKaydee loved every minute of it as she jumps on any opportunity to go "ride the horsies with Daddy!" This ride was a cattle drive (The same one my last post was about, only two years later ;), and on this particular one there was a film crew doing a special on the ranch Jason and his crew were working for. So that night at camp McKaydee was running around with her chaps and cowboy hat on, and the cameras couldn't get enough of her! It was so cute. Anyway, one of the guys taking the pictures sent a few of them to us, so here they are...

This one is one of my two favorites. Jason absolutely loves his little cowgirl and is so proud that she loves horses as much as he does!

This is my other favorite. She just looks so natural, and he just captured everything right! (She had wandered over to that fence to watch the horse all by herself and was just standing there.)

I looked a little ragged and I had only been out there for a few hours! The dust gets everywhere!

And finally the beautiful baby. Her hair has finally started calming down a little but for the first three and a half-four months her hair would stand straight up on top as it is in this picture, and it is as red as can be ;) I absolutely love and think it just gives her that much more character!

We had a very fun time and were glad to be able to spend some time as a family!