Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Weekend

Last weekend the girls and I got to go up to Wallsburg for my cousin's wedding, and to spend some time with the family. It was very fun. We got up there on Friday. We had the wedding on Saturday. Everything was beautiful - it was the perfect day! It was fun to get together with all of our family to visit and enjoy one another's company. Here are a few pictures of the weekend!

It was so cute. At the luncheon, all of the little cousins were playing together - Hallie loved it :)

There was some music playing in the background and McKaydee loves to dance to any and all music she hears - so she got Aunt Sara to dance with her! It was so cute!!

McKaydee has been a little scared of her uncles lately, but FINALLY she warmed up to them and had so much fun with them - they played with her and gave her lots of treats :)

She loved Grandpa Giles "Gramps" so much this weekend - on the way up on Friday she kept saying "Lets do see damps" (Let's go see Gramps)! She loved him to read this book to her and had to have her arm right up there on his shoulder.

Hallie and Sadie had so much fun together - at one point Hallie rolled right over on top of Sadie and gave her a big kiss!!!

On Sunday all all three of the babies - Tatum, Sadie, and Hallie - got to play on the floor together. They are growing so fast and are already becoming such good friends :)

This week, McKaydee has been gone with Grandpa and Grandma Whiting in Las Vegas. We've all missed her, but it's been fun just to spend some one on one time with Sadie. I love this little girl and thought she looked so pretty in her bouncer this morning :)
Fun times!


Forrest and Holly said...

Oh yay I love seeing pictures of my adorable little nieces! That one of the peanut and Gramps is so cute! And all the little babies.. So fun! Love you Car!

Matt and Krachel said...

Ha ha ha I love all of those pictures! But I think the one of the 3 babes on the floor is my favorite!

Ashley and Hallie said...

Oh that was so much fun! I miss you guys so much already. Come up again soon...PLEASE?!! :) Love you and those little munchkins.